Economic Development of Montenegro


  • Growth and development of micro, small and middle companies
    • Supporting start ups
    • Enabling entrepreneurs to launch new investment cycle
    • Strengthening entrepreneurship capacities
    • Improving company liquidity
  • Encouraging balanced regional development
  • Encouraging development of priority sectors (tourism, agriculture, wood processing, production, services)
  • Promoting competitiveness of local companies
  • Supporting new work capacities
  • Supporting new products and technologies development
  • Encouraging export
  • Financing environmental production and infrastructure projects


Our mission of a development institution is supporting development of new values established on the grounds of knowledge, cultural heritage and natural resources with the goal of encouraging a systemic, sustainable and balanced economic and social development on accordance with general strategic goals of Montenegro.


Investment and Development Fund as a success measure for development institutions effectively and efficiently rendering services to beneficiaries and supporting sustainable development of the community.


Customer Orientation – We are investing efforts in providing as prompt and as effective response to clients’ need as possible. We aim our efforts in becoming an institution approaching its clients, not an institution being approached by its clients.

Accountability and Professionalism in Doing Business – By an accountable and professional attitude towards our tasks, capital, users and projects, we are enabling long-term success in attaining our main goal.

Reliability in Business Relations – Our capacities are fully dedicated to ensuring our users we will support all eligible projects in a persistent, confidential and systematic way.

Business Ethics– We underline the importance of exercising moral principles in everyday life and business; this is why we continuously support employee ethics in order to attain established goals.

Knowledge as a Conditio Sine Quo of the Overall Development – is our priority. This is why we establish conditions for our employees and we encourage them to continuously develop their knowledge.  But on the flip side, we expect the same form our users and partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility – is our dedication to contribute to a sustainable economic development through cooperation with companies, local community and society as a whole with the purpose of improving overall life standard quality. For us, success measure is not profit, but a long-term stability of the community we will achieve through implementation of projects we support.